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250+ Spanish Names for Male and Female dogs

Spanish is the 2nd highest spoken language in the world. Many famous Spanish dog breeds like Hound and catalon have charming and meaningful names like Reina (Queen), Rey (king), Mi Vida (My Life), Mi Corazón (My heart), etc.

Cuddling with Golden Retriever
Cuddling with Golden Retriever

Spanish is the 2nd highest spoken language in the world. We have considered the
language an exotic option to showcase modernization and lavishness in your life. Many famous Spanish dog breeds like Hound and catalon have charming and meaningful names like Reina (Queen), Rey (king), Mi Vida (My Life), Mi Corazón (My heart), etc.
All these names are meaningful and showcase your love for your dog. These names will also stand out from the crowd when you call them out loud. Also, naming your dog will be a pleasant feeling for you. You can name your dog according to your first
interactive moment, your emotions towards it or you might meet him in Tokyo. It is an
acceptance of a dog as a child or companion.
So, we have many Spanish names for your dogs with their meanings. I know it will be
hard for you to name your dog from 250+ names. But we have made it easier for you.
You will get dog names according to their gender names, famous names, Cute names,
meaningful or unique names, etc.

Top Popular Spanish Dog Names

Group of Cute Dogs
Group of Cute Dogs

It might be hard to choose from many names for your lovely dogs. Then, let’s cut the
crap and choose these names for dogs. They are very popular and will show your
importance and emotions towards your dogs.
● Querido – your own Dear one
● Feliz – brought happiness
● Benito – Blessing in your life
● Brisa – High-speed and playful puppy
● Risa – Laughter in your life
● Mullido – soft and fluffy
● Corazón – Close to your heart
● Uno – Number one
● Mariposa – Butterfly elegance
● Diego – Playful, energetic, and surprising in your life
● Dulce – Sweetness
● Amor – Love
● Hermoso – Handsome hunk dog
● Pequeño – A little cute baby
● Zorro – Fox-like shape or behavior
● Almo – Inseparable Soul
● Diez – Perfectly All-rounder

Top Cute Spanish Dog Names

Cute Spanish Dog
Cute Spanish Dog

Dogs are adorable-looking animals. Humans and dogs are an inseparable bond on this
earth. These bonds should remain with these cute-sounding dogs’ names. Here are
some of our favorite onesAlbondiga – A dog who just wants to eat and become heavy. They are just meatballs who eat, doing no activity. Cute acronym for these chubby ones. Descarado – A classic sassy dog who doesn’t care about your response. This name will suit female dogs who think people are all over them.
Gordito – A soft dog who is too cute to cuddle. Playful puppies who are responsive and attention seekers. Suitable for bulldogs and pugs.
Leon – A fierce lion-like personality who owns your life as no one does.
You also have some beautiful memories related to your favorite places, artists, food,
title, etc. here are some adorable recommendations for your dog’s names in Spanish.
● Raton
● Dos
● Bilbao
● Chiquita
● Dali
● Galleta
● Canela
● Churro
● Taco
● Pequeṇito
● Abuelita
● Carmelita
● Burrito
● Princesa
● Pan
● Emperador
● Queso
● Flan
● Jamon
● Ita
● Sombrero
● Picasso
● Madrid
● Senorita

Top Meaningful Spanish Dog Names

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Dogs hold a very important meaning in our life. They help us cope with depression,
loneliness, anxiety, and unfulfillment. We should even give them meaning in our life
through meaningful names. These names have a meaningful origin to show
thoughtfulness for dogs.
● Perro (Dog)
● Estrella (Star)
● Gitano (Gypsy)
● Matador (Killer)
● Encantada (Enchanted)
● Brillante (Brilliant)
● Toro (Bull)
● Navidad (Christmas)
● Fuego (Fire)
● Bella (Beautiful)
● Verdad (Truth)
● Abeja (Bee)
● Hombre (Man)
● Arbol (Tree)
● Sueño (Dream)
● Agua (Water)
● Mañana (Tomorrow)
● Nieve (Snow)
● Luna (Moon)
● Sonrisa (Smile)
● Esperanza (Hope)
● Cielo (Sky/Heaven)
● Tierra (Earth)
● Flor (Flower)
● Arcoiris (Rainbow)
● Luz (Light)
● Sombra (Shadow)

Top Spanish Names for female dogs

Dog Playing in Park
Dog Playing in Park

If you have a female dog and are thinking of a Spanish name that is precise to her, we
have the perfect recommendation for that. Your beautiful sassy diva deserved a cool
and cute name. Our choice would be Bella and Frida for her if she uplifts your mood.
For Resemblance of Emotions
● Valencia (Brave)
● Delores (sorrow)
● Elsa (Truth)
● Anna (Big brother)
● Bebe (Baby)
● Frida (beloved)
● Cruz (Cross)
● Melia (Daughter)
● Melosa (sweet)
● Nina (Girl)
● Risa (Laugh)
● Eva (Life)
● Perdita (Lost)
● Pilar (Support)
● Emilia (Eager)
● Gitana (Gypsy)
● Zoila (life)
● Carina (Beloved)
● Beatriz (Bring joy)
● Coqueta (Flirt)
● Maria (Bitter)
For Evoking Beauty
● Belen (Iconic)
● Bonita (Pretty)
● Josefina (God in life)
● Blanca (Pure)
● Ventura (Adventure)
● Mercedes (Lady of Mercy)
● Natalia (Birthday of christ)
● Vida (life)
● Esmeralda (Emerald)
● Juana (God’s gift)
● Paloma (Dove)
● Nita (gift of god)
● Olinda (Protector)
● Madonna (Pure)
● Rima (Goddess Durga or Fortune)
● Carlota (Free Soul)
● Ines (Holy)
● Dalia (Destiny)
For Nature
● Yolanda (Violet Flower)
● Tasia (resurrection)
● Pinta (Milk)
● Rosita (Rose)
● Lucia (Light)
● Dahlia (Flower)
● Blanca (White)
● Rosa (Rose)
● Chispa (Spark)
● Nevada (Show shower – coolness)
● Luna (Moon)
● Carmen (Garden)
● Cielo (Sky)
● Neva (Snow)
● Elena (Shining light)
● Estrella (Star)
● Manzana (Apple)

Top Spanish Names for Male Dogs

Dog in Forest
Dog in Forest

Is your dog male who is strong but not aggressive? You should name him Federico
(Peaceful Warrior). Naming your male dog according to his personality looks classy.
Don’t worry, we have many collections of names for your male dog. Here are male dog

By Body Type

● Zorro (doglike fox)
● Alejandro (Ultra Catchy)
● Paco (Free)
● Pancho (Free)
● Tio (Related)
● Bernardo (Strong as a bear)
● Tamale (Sweet)
● Paulo (Small)
● Ricardo (Brave king)
● Roberto (Shining)
● Dali (Painter)
● Rodrigo (Famous Ruler)
● Rodán (Sculpting Artist)
● Socorro (Help)
● Hernando (Adventurer)
● Río (River)
● Cortez (Courteous / Polite)
● Pablo (Little)
● Raul (Wolf Counsel)
● Domingo (Sunday)
● Sebastian (Revered)
● Santana (Timeless)
● Sergio (Guardian)
● Inigo (Fiery)

By Personality

● Avellana (Hazel)
● Oso (Bear)
● Alonzo (Noble)
● Beto (Happiness)
● Armando (Soldier)
● Mario (Marius)
● Consuelo (Solace)
● Armando (Army Man)
● Javier (New Born)
● Dante (Everlasting)
● Esteban (Crown)
● Pepito (Standalone)
● Felipe (Friend of Horses)
● Vicente (Conquering)
● Antonio (Banderas)
● Rico (Rich)
● Enrique (Home Ruler)
● Montoya (hills and Valleys)
● Eduardo (Wealthy Guard)
● Orlando (Famous on land)
● Emilio (Rival)
● Marco (Warlike)
● Juan (God is Gracious)
● Villa (Town)
● Luis (Famous Warrior)
● Guillermo (Strong-willed Warrior)
● Carlos (Freeman)

Funny Spanish Names for Dogs

Dog in Park
Dog in Park

Every name has some origin or uniqueness in them. They can sound hilarious or
exciting to your ears. Some funny Spanish names will do that work for your dogs.
● Bandido (Bandit)
● Grande (Large)
● Leon (Lion)
● Gigante (Giant)
● Bombilla (Light bulb)
● Canjio (Stumpy)
● Almuerzo (Lunch)
● Loco (Crazy)
● Tonto (Stupid)
● Lobo (Wolf)
● Frijol (Bean)
● Mezcal
● Fiesta (Party)
● Torpe (Clumsy)
● Enchilada
● Chorizo (Sausage)
● Diablo (Devil)
● Quesadilla
● Gordo (Fat)
● Grande (Big)
● Elefante (Elephant)
● Margarita
● Gato (Cat)
● Cuchillo (Knife)
● Toro (Bull)
● Viernes (Friday)
● Tequila
● Loco (Crazy)
● Lereina (Queen)
● Delgado (Skinny)
● Fantasma (Ghost)


Naming your dog might look like a hard task while considering the meaning assigned to it. But I want to assure you, that you will feel more connected with your loved one. I mean everyone has a name, why can’t your lovely dog have one? So, don’t think too much and give the best Spanish name to your dog.